Environmental considerations

In touch with nature & protecting the environment

We place great value on using clean energy. That's why in recent years we have completely changed over to using green energy and introduces environmental campaigns:

  • Hearing for your well-being
    ... our hotel is heated using our groundwater pump.

  • Hot water with the power of the sun
    The hot water we need in our hotel is generated with the aid of the sun via our solar plant.

  • Clean electricity
    We generate part of our electricity with the aid of our modern photovoltaic plant.
    The rest comes from Tirolean energy supplier TIWAG, who generate their power from hydro energy to 100 %.

  • Shuttle-Service
    ... for environmentally friendly transfer of our guests who arrive by train.

  • Free bus services & central location
    Thanks to the free bus services and central location of our hotel, our guests have the option of leaving their car behind and thus actively contribute to protecting the environment.

  • Using local products
    To avoid transporting food for long distances, we try to use local quality produce wherever possible.

  • Reducing the environmental load of laundry detergents
    Here we ask guests to make an active contribution and use towels more than once if possible. All towels that need to be replaced can simply be left in the shower or bathtub.


Many thanks for your cooperation!

Tips for environmentally friendly routines at home

Here are some tips on how to make an active contribution to environmental protection at home:

  • Saving energy in one's own four walls:
    ... by buying energy-saving appliances, lowering the room temperature by 1 °C, using energy-saving lamps, installing motion sensors hallways...

  • Avoiding synthetic packaging material:
    ... by bringing your own shopping basket, carrier bag from corn starch, paper etc., buying loose vegetables and fruit, beverages in glass bottles,...

  • Contributing to reducing deforestation:
    ... by buying products from recycled paper, notebooks, toilet paper...

  • Getting where you want under your own steam:
    ... climbing stairs instead of taking the lift, on foot, with the bicycle or by public transport instead of taking the car.